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Sol Fitzroy is finally living with the love of her life, Chet Chester. The high school sweethearts are happily domestic, and every day is full of warm cuddles and sweet kisses.

But when her estranged cousin writes to her, Sol learns that the family business wants her back. Poised to inherit a terrifying soup company, her parents will do anything to ensure she joins Fitzroy Foods.

A kinetic novel about a really cute couple (SolChet ♥) but also about family, the future, and deciding for yourself. 


  • 8500 words, around 1 hour of playtime
  • Playable on PC, Mac, and Android
  • Bonus artbook with a $3 or above donation, including game art, illustrations, and sketches
Content warnings
  • Mentioned disownment/estrangement, parental manipulation

Play the prequel (college life) and the even more prequel (high school)!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsamare, Cute, Female Protagonist, Kinetic Novel, LGBT, Narrative, Queer, Romance, Slice Of Life, Transgender
Average sessionAbout an hour


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hello!! just wanted to comment here because this game was REAL cute... i loved the whole soft vibe of it and i want to hug and protect sol and chet with my life... the cutests the adorablests the fluffyests... my loves... <33

i loved the character animations, also! it felt dynamic and very immersive. i really wish the best for them and for you too. thanks for this game.

Sol and Chet really are the cutests, the adorablests, and the fluffyests... I agree so much! I love how you described them, it's true...

Thank you for the kind words, they brightened my day! Happy that you enjoyed playing :)

I really love your games but I'm a little confused about Sol's gender. Not that it matters... Just are they a girl boy both neither... Because I'm probably gonna be thinking about this ship for a while and I dont wanna get anything werongish...

Sol's a girl! She realizes this in Menage a Trois and has transitioned by this game :)

Hope that makes it more clear!

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I finally got around to playing this and, oh my god, this blew me away!! I really wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Your writing has improved so much from your previous games. This is now my favorite visual novel of yours.

The romance between Sol and Chet is so lovely; it was just heartwarming to watch them take care of each other in a cute domestic life. I enjoy the relaxed and quiet atmosphere that's present throughout the whole game. You picked such great music to go with this; it really helped set the mood. The piano song has a wonderful melancholic feel to it that makes the world feel dreamy. It worked so well for the romantic and tense moments.

Sol's journey to standing up to her parents really resonated with me. I relate to her a lot, as I too have overbearing parents that want to decide how I live my life. In the beginning, I was a little annoyed at how Sol was so timid about telling her parents no, as it seemed so simple to me. But once I met her parents, I really understood why she was afraid of them. They use such cold manipulation tactics to guilt-trip you into doing what they want. The way they just decided how she felt, as if that's something they got to control, is so reminiscent of my own parents. I could feel myself getting so pissed with how Sol's mom talked down to her. It really is easier to stay quiet instead of fighting back. Parents like hers are just so emotionally exhausting. The moment she stood up to her parents and made her decision known, I was filled with so much satisfaction. That scene was excellently written. I think it'll be stuck in my head for a while haha.

tl;dr Super great story! Sol's arc was relatable and had me so invested. I really look forward to your next visual novel 🥰

Edit: Also will we ever see Lyon? I want to know about them 👀

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Thank you so much for the kind words! Hopefully the timeliness of my reply isn’t too late - I’ve been dealing with thing after thing IRL and haven’t had the chance to sit down and respond in depth :”)

I’m really happy you enjoyed the game! It was fun thinking about what Sol and Chet’s lives would be like in the future and I’m glad I got to write about it. Sol is my favourite poor little meow meow... Chet is my favorite guinea pig... they can live together and be cute 🥺

I’m also glad you brought up the dynamic between Sol and her parents! It was something I wanted to explore since it’s shaped her character since the beginning. I didn’t get to write about it in Moments though, except for a few hints about her parents never being around. So writing the part where she stands up to them was cathartic 😤

As for Lyon, I have an entire story for them in my head. I have... no idea when I’ll put it onto paper since there are a whole bunch of other projects I want to do ORZ 

But someday we will see more of them... *stares out into the sunset*

Thank you again! I hope I can make more games soon! 


This game was wonderfully sweet. I really enjoyed "Moments" when I played it, so I was really excited when I saw that this was a sequel to it. I loved the story and the artwork, and the writing was fantastic. I also loved Sol's design. She was so beautiful and elegant, and I couldn't help but stare whilst playing! I would love to see more of Sol and Chet, so I'm definitely going to get the e-book soon, and I would love to play the sequel to this game, if there were to be one.


Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Moments and that you found this a fitting sequel. Sol and Chet are my favourite characters ever so I always enjoy writing them. It was really fun designing the different dresses for Sol :D

Thank you again for your support! I hope the book doesn't disappoint!